Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts are the system through which air circulates through your home or business, and their care and maintenance is vital to ensure a clean and healthy environment within its walls. Because they are hard to reach, proper cleaning of your air ducts can be difficult, if not impossible, without the proper training and equipment. Air ducts can run through walls, in ceilings, even in the floors below us, and because they are exposed and connected to every part of your property, they carry the highest risk of cross-contamination in the case of mold infestation, or exposure to harmful chemicals, smoke damage, spills and bacteria. A filthy air duct carries dirty air, and in order to maintain healthy air quality it is vital that the air ducts receive regular cleaning and maintenance. At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services we understand the importance of keeping your environment clean and free of health hazards, which is why we offer prompt, state-of-the-art air duct cleaning services.

How do you know when it's time to have your air ducts professionally cleaned? If you require mold removal  somewhere on your property, it is a safe bet that you should have your air ducts looked at by a professional, who can then detect whether the problem has been carried into the ducts. Mold is often detected by its musty odor, or the visual presence of a mold colony somewhere in the house. If your home or business has been flooded, or even damaged by a small leak, or any increase in humidity, it is a good idea to have your air ducts serviced along with the water removal and carpet cleaning. Otherwise, mold and other pathogens can lurk in the ducts and re-circulate into your freshly-sanitized environment, causing a reoccurrence of the original problem. If your air ducts are insulated, and that insulation gets wet, it can prove to be a breeding ground for unpleasant things like mold and mildew. In the case of wet insulation, that insulation must be removed and replaced by a professional. If the conditions allowing mold growth are not remedied, if the humidity is not decreased and the source of the problem not properly dealt with, then it is only a matter of time before the problem returns. It is always better to call the professionals at DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services to make sure that the job is done right the first time, with the attention to detail that will ensure that you will suffer no recurrence of the problem.

After a fire has occurred at your home or business, professional removal of lingering smoke and soot in the ductwork is necessary to bring everything back to operating condition. At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services our certified professionals can determine whether the fire breached the duct itself, or was generated in another location that may normally be inaccessible—such as a booster fan or blower motor. Smoky, sooty air can circulate through the ducts, even when no powered motor is present, and it is vital to the restoration of your home or office to its original state that the ducts be inspected and professionally cleaned. Air ducts can be run through wall cavities and ceilings, and many other places that are difficult to access, inspect, and repair. At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services we possess the knowledge and tools to evaluate the state of your ducts, and advise a course of action that best suits the unique situation. We understand that following any unexpected property damage, your health and safety must come first, which includes the prompt and efficient removal of dangerous or foreign elements in order to fully restore the duct system to its pre-incident state.


Whether your home is affected by fire, or flood, the primary concern in the ductwork can be the colonization of mold and mildew in the newly-damp environment. Following saturation, or even an unexpected increase in humidity, mold colonies can form within 48 to 72 hours, sending fresh spores into your air ducts to be distributed throughout the property. Mold is a vital part of nature's recycling system, helping to break down organic compounds into their component parts, but what works for nature doesn't always add to the property value of your home or business. A mold infestation in one part of the house can easily transform into a house-wide air quality disaster, and even if the source of the problem is professionally dealt with ( DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services does that, too!) there is always a concern of spores lurking in the air vents, constantly looking for a new area to support their colony. An overabundance of mold can cause allergy and asthma attacks, as well as itchy skin and eyes, congestion, and shortness of breath, especially when traveling through dirty air ducts. We at DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services want you to know that when we do a job, we do it right the first time, taking all the proper precautions and steps to ensure that you will never have to face a reoccurring problem because of dirty air ducts.

At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services we work directly with your insurance adjuster, no matter what the circumstances, to ensure the most prompt and professional service. In many cases requiring removal or remediation, the severity of the problem grows in direct proportion to the amount of time you wait to contact an industry professional, which is why we offer same-day emergency service. At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services we are committed as much to the prevention of further damage as we are to the restoration of your home and business.

If you suspect any of these problems have occurred in your home or business, don't wait!

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