Mold Removal Services in Wilmington, DE

Professional Mold Removal Services

There are many possible ways for mold and mildew to become introduced into your environment, but it is most common after the unexpected influx of moisture following a flood, burst pipe, or slow leak, in other words, water damage. Sometimes, the cause of mold can be less obvious. Mold can occur in any environment where the humidity is higher than 45%, and can become a problem even in a relatively "dry" area, where there is no standing water problem. Even an area where temperature differentiation causes moisture to condense and drip can be a breeding ground for colonies of mold. Mold is often detectable by its musty odor, but can sometimes be difficult for an untrained person to locate and properly treat. Mold can occur between the walls, or under your floors, hiding out in unlikely places. That nasty, musty odor can permeate clothing, lingering on you even after you have escaped into a different environment. At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services we make sure that our staff has been educated in the latest IICRC recommended techniques for detection, treatment, and prevention of commonly occurring mold and mildew problems. As with any moisture-related problem, the sooner you contact a professional, the less of a problem there will ultimately be.

Mold removal services in Wilmington, DE

Mold is a vital part of nature's recycling system, a series of processes by which organic materials are broken down into their component parts for future use as soil nutrients. This is great news for the outside world of nature, but not so good when it's occurring in the walls and foundations of your property. After the initial saturation, it only takes between 48 and 72 hours for mold to form a productive colony. Once the colony is established, the mold spores are released into the air, where they can be carried by air currents into areas that are not easily reached, or even detected, like dead-air spaces between the walls, and the inside of ducts and vents. In this way, even a damp basement floor can turn into a health crisis involving every floor of your home. Mold enters your environment every day through doorways and windows, heating and cooling systems, on people and pets. Since the spores are microscopic, they are nearly impossible to prevent or remove, except using very specific isolation and dehydration protocols. Mold thrives in environments where the humidity has risen above 45%, which is unavoidable following a flood or fire scenario. At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services we understand what mold is, how it spreads, and how to remove it and remediate the problem to prevent further outbreaks.

Many forms of mold, mildew and fungus are harmless to humans, in fact, we encounter them every day of our lives, breathing them in and transporting them on our clothes and skin to no ill effect. Sometimes, though, mold spores can trigger adverse reactions in sensitive individuals, such as those with asthma or allergies, as well as children, pets, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. In some cases, the mold is considered harmful to anyone, at which point your property becomes a health hazard for everyone. Symptoms of a mold-induced reaction include: shortness of breath, itchy eyes, congested sinuses, watery eyes and runny nose, asthma attacks, and skin irritation. If anyone in your home or office is experiencing those symptoms, you might be dealing with an unseen mold infestation. It is vital to your health, and the health of your family or employees, to contact a professional at DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services who can evaluate the health risks and formulate a step-by-step plan to remediate your mold problem.

If prevention is no longer an option, or if mold has grown undetected in your home or building over a period of time, it is vital to contact a professional service in order to evaluate the severity of your infestation, and properly take steps to handle it—permanently. Mold can infiltrate most fabrics, and even cause discoloration in certain types of porous materials such as plastic or stone. Porous surfaces can trap moisture, and must be professionally cleaned, desiccated, and properly sealed to prevent future colony growth. Our staff is IICRC certified, which means they have the training and experience to identify moisture sources, evaluate visible or suspected mold growth, contain the damage to the smallest possible area, and dry the affected materials so that the mold will not return, before finally performing or recommending procedures for returning your property to its pre-loss condition. Because the need for professional service is time-sensitive, DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services offers 24 hours a day, 7 day a week assistance. There is no reason to wait, especially considering not only the risk to your property but that to your health.

Once the mold situation has been properly located, assessed, and measures have been taken to contain and remediate the problem, there is still the issue of lingering spores and odors. DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services has the edge on experience and technology in our area. We will never mask the musty odor of mold with another smell, instead, we will eradicate the mold while treating and restoring the affected area. We only use safe, tested and biologically sound cleaning materials, never harsh chemicals. Some companies use harsh chemicals to mask odors, but those can create health hazards that are just as dangerous as the initial mold problem. At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services we take your health and safety seriously, and that commitment is reflected in our methods, and our quality guarantee.

At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services, your safety and comfort are our highest priorities. The immediate treatment and aftercare following water damage can be crucial, and time sensitive. To ensure your ongoing safety, and the safety of anyone who may become exposed in the future, we test the air for mold particles and contamination. If any trace is found, we use our established methods and state of the art equipment to remove all trace of mildew, mold spores, allergens, and other harmful or odor-causing elements. Every situation where mold is present contains unique factors and challenges, and we at DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services offer a wide range of decontamination and deodorization procedures that suit all levels and types of mold infestation.

At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services we work directly with your insurance adjuster, no matter what the circumstances, to ensure the most prompt and professional service. In many cases requiring removal or remediation, the severity of the problem grows in direct proportion to the amount of time you wait to contact an industry professional, which is why we offer same-day emergency service. At DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration Services we are committed as much to the prevention of further damage as we are to the restoration of your home and business.

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